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Geriatric Care Management Sarasota, Florida

  • Concerned about an elderly loved one?
  • Need help finding and coordinating senior care services in the Sarasota, FL area?
  • Looking for a care manager to monitor your parents care?
  • Deciding between independent living, assisted living care, a nursing home, or home health care services for an aging family member?
  • Concerned about Alzheimer's or other Dementia illnesses?

Elder Care Management in Sarasota, Florida

An Elder Care Manager, often called a geriatric care manager (GCM) or simply a care manager, is a qualified professional who is educated and trained to assess an elderly or disabled person's situation and recommend and monitor needed services.

Joyce Niederpruem with Southwest Solutions, Inc. can assist you with your long-term care planning, understanding your Medicare benefits, recommend appropriate solutions concerning assisted living services, home health care, medical and doctor concerns, and local senior resources near Sarasota, Florida.

Elder Care Assessment

We offer an initial assessment in the home of the elderly person. This allows us to to determine the safety of the home environment and to asses the physical, emotional, and environmental needs of the senior individual.

For an elderly person to simply go to someone's office and answer questions is not sufficient in truly assessing an elderly person's needs.

This initial assessment will allow us to collect information about medical history, in-home care assistance that may be need, the ability of the elderly person to maneuver their home, the safety of the home, financial assistance that may be needed, and how lonely or depressed the person may appear.

Some elderly people prefer to stay in their own homes and some seniors prefer to live with others. Helping a senior make this decision is best done during a face to face interview in the elderly persons own environment.

We will review of the client's current advanced directives and other health care documents and refer them to an appropriate professional if needed.

Our initial assessment of our senior client's needs is the foundation of our elder care management services. Ongoing assessments will periodically be done as needed.

Elder Care Management Services

A geriatric care manager with Southwest Solutions, Inc. is a professional who understands the aging process and is well acquainted with senior services available in and around Sarasota, FL.

An elder care manager not only helps the elderly but can assist disabled individuals of all ages.

Care Management Services include:

  • Elder care assessments to determine individual needs,
  • Providing a long-term care plan to care for the needs of elderly or disabled individuals,
  • Arrange and monitor needed or home health care services,
  • Assist in determining eligibility for available resources,
  • Arrange and monitor doctor's visits and encourage compliance,
  • Coordinate and monitor any services needed by elderly and disabled individuals in Sarasota, FL.,
  • Provide crisis intervention,
  • Assist with decisions about long-term care,
  • Assist with moving into an independent, assisted living or long-term care nursing facility.

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About Southwest Solutions

Southwest Solutions, Inc. is a Geriatric Care Management company established in 2001 by Joyce Niederpruem, a Registered Nurse and Certified Case Manager with over 30 years experience serving the needs of the elderly in Sarasota, Florida and the surrounding communities.

Southwest Solutions employees Registered Nurses and Social Workers with nearly a combined century of experience caring for folks just like your loved one. Our expertise lies in areas of medical expertise, specifically geriatric, knowledge of community resources, and the ability to step in and seamlessly coordinate those services in a professional, yet caring manner.

How does it work? A Southwest Solutions coordinator meets with each new “member” to assess both individual and family needs related to preserving independence and improving health, safety, and quality of life. This confidential assessment enables the care manager to respond knowledgeably and promptly to the member’s current needs and to establish a confidential file for future needs.

When the member (or their family/POA) requests assistance, Southwest Solutions staff will promptly step in as is appropriate to ensure the safety and well-being of the member .The role of Southwest Solutions is to plan for and coordinate services, be a source of information, and be an advocate to see that the member’s needs are met, as well as form a vital link between the member, his/her family/POA, and other service providers.